Your home may be your castle. But it’s also your canvas, where you can express your personal style. So let these expert tips, design trends and real life success stories give you a spark of inspiration and a kick of motivation. We’ll keep adding more cool stuff as we find it, so check back often.

Color Me Stylish
Color Me Stylish

Fab Fall finishes

As Fall begins, beautiful outdoor colors emerge. Bring Mother Nature’s best palettes indoors with these color inspiration tips.

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Pattern Like a Pro
Pattern Like a Pro

Mix styles and scale to achieve a beautiful look

Patterns can add warmth and visual interest to any space. So, pattern like a pro with these design tips.

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Fall-inspired Crafts
Fall-inspired Crafts

Warm up your creative juices

These stylishly simple craft ideas can provide fun design accents for your home this Fall.

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Gorgeous Greys
Gorgeous Greys

The relaxed way to start (and end) your day

Grey is a popular choice for bedrooms. Soft, relaxing and the perfect neutral foundation for bold pops of style. Check out these design ideas for creating a beautiful place to catch your zzzzzs.

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Movie Room Magic
Movie Room Magic

The dream for every stream

Whether you’re binge watching your favorite series or catching the latest blockbuster release, these home theater design tips can help you stream in total style.

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Staycation in Style
Staycation in Style

Bring vacation vibes to your home decor

Even if you can’t travel this summer, make every day a getaway. These interior design ideas can help give any space a resort-style feel.

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Fun Family Refreshment
Fun Family Refreshment

Pour on the good times with these tasty drinks

Stay refreshed this summer with these delicious, family-friendly drink ideas (and no worries if any spills on the floor).

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Spice Up Your Space
Spice Up Your Space

Take out the boring with beautiful colors

The right splash of color can spice up any space. Discover creative ways you can add a little pop with paint.

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Indoor Summer Fun
Indoor Summer Fun

Kids activities that will make the time fly

Spending more time together indoors with the kids this Summer? Here’s a few ideas to use their imagination and keep them entertained.

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DIY Dad’s Day

Make something to make Dad feel special

Running out to buy Dad a gift might not be the greatest idea right now. So let the kids make him something special with these craft ideas.

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Light It Up

Good lighting isn’t just for selfies

We think our floors look good in any light, but to make the rest of your room shine, follow these lighting tips.

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Summer Dreaming

Summer getaways we can dream about – and get inspired by

Rocking a stay-cation this summer? Could be the perfect time to steal some styling cues from these summer dream homes.

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Digital Decorating

Planning your next project is easier than ever

The power to measure, arrange and visualize your next project is in the palm of your hand – or maybe on your desktop. Our own Floorvana+ visualizer makes it easy to see our floors in your rooms. Plus, check out these other digital planning tools.

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Mother’s Day Away

Spend time with Mom – from a distance

Whether you and Mom are separated by hundreds of miles, or just an abundance of caution, you can still share her special day with her using some of these tips.

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Splashy Guest Baths

Design ideas for you water closet

The smallest room in your house could be the perfect place for a big statement. Start with beautiful, 100% waterproof floors and then follow some of these tips.

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Choice Coffee Tables

Best picks for any room, style and budget

Are you looking for sleek & modern, or cool & classic? Do you need storage space? Big or small space? Check out this guide for all the answers.

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Sports Gear Storage

Swing into spring organizing

Durable COREtec floors are a good idea if you’ve got a house full of sports nuts – so are these gear storage tricks.

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Top 10 House Plants

Breathe easier with air-purifying plants

Did you know that plants can do more than add life & beauty to a room? They can remove toxins from the air as well. And these are easy to keep alive as well.

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Setting the Mood

Marvelously Moody Color Schemes

Considering a moody color scheme? Our stunning wood and stone floor designs would look amazing with deep, dark palettes like these.

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Spring Maintenance

Go a step above Spring Cleaning

Your COREtec floors are definitely ready for spring showers, but it’s time to make sure the rest of your house is ready for the warm, sunny months ahead with this smart checklist.

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Fresh Spring Decor

Breathe new life into your décor with these trends

From fresh accents to a coat of paint, there are lots of ways to bring a touch of spring into your home.

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Valentine's DIY

Labors of Love

Take a DIY approach to Valentine’s Day with these sweet & simple gifts you can make yourself.

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Mudroom Makeover

Every room deserves style

Obviously, mudrooms call for durable, waterproof floors. Whether you want to add more functionality to your home or simply freshen up your existing mudroom, follow these tips for creating a cool, useful space.

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Flooring Success Story

1,500 sq. ft of flooring installed in 2 days

Katie had COREtec floors installed throughout her entire house. Check out her photos and see why it was so easy.

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Cozy Up to Style

Add a sense of warmth to your home décor

Check out these simple and stylish ways to make your home the perfect place to cozy up this winter.

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Décor Resolutions

Simple, positive goals for your home

Here are some easy ways to make your home a better place to relax, recharge and rejoice throughout the year.

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Stay in to Work Out

How to set up an in-home exercise space

It’s easier to fit fitness into your routine if you don’t have to leave home. Whatever level of fitness you’re looking for, here are some tips to get you started.

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Ring in the new year in style at home

If you’ve got stylish, party-proof COREtec floors, check out these simple tips for hosting a great New Year’s Eve Party at your place.

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Fabulous Fireplaces

Stylish makeover ideas for your fireplace

We all love a cozy fire in the wintertime, but these design ideas will have you adoring your fireplace all year long.

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Raise the Bar

Create a cool cocktail space at home

When the weather is frightful, a home bar is delightful. Check out these simple and affordable ways to make your den or basement the new hotspot in town.

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Thanksgiving Décor DIY

Easy ways to impress your guests

Crank the warm holiday feels up a notch with these clever ideas for turkey day décor.

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Ceilings Worth Seeing

We always look up to style

Balance your beautiful new COREtec floors with a stylishly painted ceiling. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

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Dining Room Ideas

Feast on design inspiration

Start with a stylish, waterproof COREtec floor. Then check out these cool ideas for adding new life to your dining room.

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New Life for Your Living Room

Serving up décor, family Room

If it's time to update more than the floor in your family room, these ideas will spark the inner designer in you.

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Cool Weather Checklist

Make your house winter-ready

Maybe you’ve already stocked up on pumpkin spice and hot chocolate. Now use this check list to keep your home nice & cozy until spring.

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Fall Wreath DIY

Give cooler weather a warm welcome

Check out these simple fall wreath ideas you and your family can make at home.

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Cool Kitchen Color

Cool Clay is Hot

Yes, you can have a sleek, modern kitchen without going bright white. Try a soothing shade of clay.

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Girls' Rooms Rock

Think Beyond Pink

There are so many ways to get creative when decorating a girl’s room. Check out this list, we pinky swear you’ll find at least one idea she loves.

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Host a Winning Watch Party

Football is Here!

Whether you’re into college, pro, or futbol, these pro tips will give your house an amazing home field advantage.

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Master Your Bath

Soak in the Style

A beautiful, waterproof floor is a great place to start your dream bathroom. These design ideas can help you decide where to go from there.

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Sit. Stay. Love.

Family-proof Style

Once you install our 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof floors, you’ll need some cool furniture that can also stand up to real life. Check out these options.

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Study Spaces

Student Chic

Get your home ready for back-to-school with these study area ideas that make homework a little less painful.

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Beach Bliss

Hit the Beach Like a Pro

Our 100% waterproof floors are perfect for summer – so are these cool DIY hacks for enjoying your day at the beach or lake.

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Cool Cat Care

Keep Cats Comfortable

Check out these smart tips for keeping your feline friends happy and healthy all summer long.

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Fun Homework

Cool Kids' Rooms

Summer break is the perfect time give your kid’s room a makeover. Get inspired by these cool ideas, from simple to simply amazing.

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Renovation No-No’s

Remodeling Pro Tips

Before kicking off a renovation project, check out this list of common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Summer AC Relief

Stay Cool

Avoid utility bill anxiety with a few smart tips for keeping your home cooler this summer.

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Summer Slumber

Bedroom Bliss

Giving your bedroom a breezy summer vibe doesn’t require a total remodel. Just follow these simple tips.

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Wedding Wisdom

Homemade Matrimony

If you have a home you love, why rent an expensive wedding venue? Just follow these tips for hosting a first-class wedding at your house.

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Refresh At Home

Cool Drink Recipes

With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to cool down with some homemade beverages for the whole family – and some just for the adults.

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Dream Kitchens

Suit Your Tastes

No matter what style of kitchen you’re dreaming of, from classic to contemporary, we have the perfect waterproof floor to start with. Scroll through these options for inspiration.

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Easy Easter

Bright Ideas

Your kids can do a lot more than dye eggs – check out these fun and colorful ideas for Easter decorations.

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Outdoor Décor

Style your patio

You don’t stay inside all year, why should your sense of style? Check out these decoration tips to make the most of your home’s outdoor space.

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Rustic Modern

Or is it Modern Rustic?

Either way, check out these tips for mixing charming warmth with contemporary design.

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Spring Cleaning Pro Tips

Keep spring cleaning easy breezy

Not everything in your house is as easy to clean as our floors, so check out these 10 tricks to simplify your spring cleaning.

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Sunny Days Décor

Add a splash of spring to your décor

Once your spring cleaning is wrapped up, you might want to brighten up your home even more with these simple touches.

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Pet Projects

Warm & fuzzy DIY projects

Make your home as pet-friendly as our floors with some quick and easy DIY projects.

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Up Your Frame Game

Learn how to turn leftovers into art

This how-to video shows you how to use your leftover flooring planks to frame artwork or mirrors.

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2019 Décor Trends

Which of these trends will inspire you?

Check out hot looks for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

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Grab a cup of winter warmth

DIY specialty drinks

Instead of standing in line at a coffee shop, stay inside with your cozy COREtec floors and these warm winter drinks.

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D-I-Y Ho-Ho-Ho

Show off your unique holiday style

Check out this festive list of over 50 ideas for homemade ornaments, décor, table settings and more.

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Kidproof your Snowdays

DIY entertainment for unexpected free time

Our 100% kidproof floors are ready for anything. These smart tips will make sure you are too.

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Modern Living (Rooms)

There's no time, or style, like the present

Join us as we drool over these dreamy contemporary living rooms. Of course we have the perfect tile or plank floor to match your favorite.

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Cozy up to Hygge

Bringing this Danish lifestyle into your home

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up at home and enjoy the little things.

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Happy Holiday House Guests

Simple tips to pamper & impress your guests

Be gracious hosts and curry favor with the in-laws with these guest room essentials.

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DIY Furniture Projects

10 furniture projects you can totally handle

If installing your COREtec floor has inspired you to tackle more DIY décor projects, give this list of ideas a look.

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Dare It Yourself

Cool & Creepy Halloween DIY

If you love Halloween, you'll die for these killer props you can make yourself.

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High-Impact Projects

Beautiful Bang for your Buck

After you install your COREtec floors, here are some other budget-friendly ways to beautify your home.

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At Home Like a Boss

Set Up A Home Office that Works for You

Check out these great ideas for creating stylish, efficient spaces that you'll love to get busy in.

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Fall Decor Trends

Autumn can get cooler indoors too

It’s time to fall for cozy nooks, vintage lighting and concrete accents.

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Purrrfect Projects

DIY ideas for cat lovers

See how easy it can be to make your whole house as cat-friendly as our 100% petproof floors.

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Small Space Big City

Urban Vibes Via Video

Get real-life, big city design inspiration in about 6 minutes per episode of Sweet Digs.

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Kid Friendly DIY

DIY4K - Do It Yourself for Kids

Let your kids try these simple tasks – before you know it, they’ll be helping you install your COREtec floors.

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Simplify Cleaning

Shortcuts to a Cleaner Home

We already made our floors super easy to clean and maintain, so here are some tips for cleaning the rest of your house.

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Make a Splash

Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Bath

Of course 100% waterproof COREtec floors are perfect for bathrooms – here are more ways to bathe your home in style.

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Dog Days DIY

Keep Pets Cool This Summer

First, don’t shave your dog. Their coats actually insulate them from the heat. Next, try some of these DIY cooling tricks.

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What’s Up Downstairs?

Kid-Friendly Basement Ideas

If you're checking out our 100% kidproof floors, you might also like these great tips for turning your basement into a Kid Cave.

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Head to Bed

Why let your headboard be boring?

Once you lay down your dreamy new COREtec floors, check out how quick & easy it can be to wake up the room with a bold headboard.

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Classic Color Trio

Black, white + wood

Two timeless tones and one of our beautiful wood-style floors are all you need to create a striking room.

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Deck the walls

Display your personality

Walls have a tough time competing with beautiful COREtec floors – non-traditional wall hangings can help.

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Make a grand entrance

Big ideas for small entryways

You don't need a huge foyer to make a big impression on guests. Start with a stylish yet durable COREtec floor and build up from there.

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Budding with New Ideas

Keep Your Inside Blooming

COREtec floors last and last – but you can still update your décor with fresh seasonal ideas like these.

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Pattern for Your Planks

A Little Décor for Your Floor

As much as we hate the idea of covering up our beautiful floors, a small area rug can add a nice bit of color and pattern that really ties the room together.

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Go Big, Go Home

Wide Open Possibilities

Keep large, open spaces feeling comfortable and inviting. Start with COREtec Plus XL planks, then try out some of these smart ideas.

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No green thumb required

Bring the outdoors to interior design

Coco Kelley rates their favorite leaf print wallpapers – which would look great with our wood-look floors.

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Spring past these trends

Make a clean start for spring

Spring is a time of renewal – making it a perfect time to see which trends HGTV editors are ready to leave behind.

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Is this purple hue for you?

Ultra Violet – 2018 Color of the Year

Don’t expect purple COREtec floors anytime soon, but you may consider other ways to add a touch of Ultra Violet to your décor.

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Get festive in a hurry

5-Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

We're all about simplicity, and COREtec floors are always ready for a party. With these quick & easy decorating tips, you will be too.

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Healthy pets for the holidays

Holiday Safety Tips

Make sure your holiday décor & celebrations are as pet proof as your COREtec floors.

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Country Living gift guide

32 Pawesome Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

If you know someone who likes our pet-proof floors because they love their pets, you’ll want to check out this gift guide.

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Change Your Decor

Bobby Berk's Tips to Change up Your Décor

Designer, retailer, stylist, trendsetter and long time friend of Design Milk, Bobby Berk has been making his name known in the design world since he arrived in NYC with a few dollars to his name. Now hailing from the West Coast, the SoCal-based designer has launched an Interiors + Design division, which specializes in full service interior design for residential, commercial and hospitality and products with brands like Surya, Tempaper, Coastal Shower Doors, Tilebar, and now his work can be purchased through

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Contrast Our Corvus Enhanced Tiles

Contrast Our Corvus Enhanced Tiles

Black walls have been a hot trend in interior design for some time now, but lately I've been seeing a sort of twist on the look that I especially like: black walls with a white floor. Nothing livens up a room like contrast, and black + white is the ultimate contrast. Plus, the two elements balance each other out nicely: a white floor keeps a black-walled room from feeling too drab, and black walls keep a white floor from feeling too sterile. They're really a very nice match. Let's check out a few examples.

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Form Marries Function

In Tribeca, a Loft that Marries Form & Function

Many times, someone selling their home hopes to hear exuberance in a buyer's voice as they make their way from room to room. Leaving a potential buyer speechless, however, can sometimes be an even better reaction. That's exactly how marketing executive Alissa Lovens and her husband Jonah, a digital marketer, reacted after popping into this Tribeca, NY loft for the first time. It was so perfect for them and their pup, they didn't know what to say.

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