November 01, 2021

The 3 Best Natural Textures to Incorporate into Your Home

Incorporating the colors of nature, such as browns, as well as natural materials, like wood, can help us fulfill our biophilia, a growing interior design movement that aims to merge nature with interior design. These designs take a human-centered approach to design, considering our physical, mental and emotional needs as well as our safety, welfare and desire for contemporary style.  With these broader considerations of health and wellbeing in mind, people are beginning to lean into more natural materials, such as rattan, wicker, wool and other coarse grain textiles, to help lessen toxicity in interiors. We want natural looks that bring the benefits of the outside in.1. Brown Interior Designs Mimicking naturally harnessed browns through organic textures and colors can help you achieve a natural feel in your home. Brown tones create the feeling of the forest through dark woods or the design of the desert through the colors of raw clay and rock. Brown tones are alive, reflecting the complexity of the world around us and bringing warmth, comfort and style into our spaces. COREtec’s Blended Umber luxury vinyl planks give you all the look and feel of the wood with the innovation and quality of vinyl. Our patented construction features an innovative extruded core made from recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC. It is also 100% waterproof, allowing it to be installed anywhere and can be floated over most existing hard floor surfaces or substrates. Our entire COREtec Plus HD collection is also GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Indoor Air Quality, letting you breathe easy and feel confident about the health of your home. Photo: Wood interior designs, living room, luxury vinyl plank flooring.2. Wooden Wall Designs Woods used to be limited to just your floors, but COREtec’s innovative technology gives you the possibility of wood in every application of your home. Our waterproof designs allow you to incorporate wood looks into your kitchens, bathrooms and basements without fear of warping or swelling. COREtec’s Pro Plus collection is just one of COREtec’s collections that makes an excellent addition to any wall and to any home wanting to incorporate the look and feel of nature. This collection can give you lots of wood wall ideas and inspiration to bring the outdoors into your space.  The variety of shades of brown in Divergence Oak can bring that rustic feel of wood to your walls while giving you the confidence that vinyl provides. These and other wall paneling ideas can add extra life and style to your space by accenting walls or complimenting existing flooring.   Photo: Wooden wall design, wood wall ideas, wall paneling ideas, luxury vinyl plank flooring.3. Wood Interior Designs With these various uses for wood within the home, you can achieve a trending Nordic look with clean plank lines on your floors and walls. Celebrate exposure with unfinished, natural looks that complement the architecture of your home. Staining wood rather than painting it can allow the wood to speak for itself and heighten its impact in your space.   Incorporating multiple species of wood looks into one space can also create a contrasting design that highlights all the various natural textures. For example, pairing Biscayne Oak with Flagstaff Oak or Hobbs Oak with Galveston Oak in one space could help to bring out the strong qualities in each tone. Bringing the refreshing elements of nature into your home can do so much more than just add style to your home. Whether you prefer wood on your floors or walls, these natural tones and textures can help to merge the great outdoors into your interior design and provide you with mental, emotional and physical health benefits.  

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September 13, 2021

Family Living Spaces and Pets

Sharing Spaces: Parents, Pets and Play Rooms — Oh My!2020 is best characterized by unpredictability and massive change. This is especially evident in the home space; many first-home buyers navigated home purchase and moves. These new homeowners then started their search for the perfect living room ideas with their dream furniture, flooring and style.For others, uninhabited or underutilized spaces morphed into something new and useful — dining room tables became classrooms, living rooms became gyms, backyards became dog parks and kitchens became coffee shops as our whole lives moved within the walls of our homes. While most homes used to only have one “living room”, now all of our rooms are used for living.With this change, those living with family members and pets have had to further adapt our spaces to meet the new needs of everyone living there. This caused a shift towards more casual living room design ideas and style preferences as well as a push for more durable and efficient products throughout our homes. One thing is certain — people want to feel comfortable and in control in their new “living rooms”.Choosing family friendly living room design ideas COREtec is founded on innovation and our promise to you is to provide you the most efficient products to fit your space. Whether you’re looking for mid century modern or more minimalist design ideas, our products can give you the style that you want with the functionality your home requires. From family room design ideas to bedroom floor upgrades, we have the products you need to make your space work for you.Increased time spent at home changed what we need from it. In the past, parts of our homes served as snapshots of our style through trendy furniture pieces or show stopping floors. Now every aspect of our home is needed to fulfill its designated purpose and then some — usefulness trumps decor. We are seeing living room design ideas adjust to accommodate more personable, tailored spaces that highlight what’s unique about us and our lives.Once empty bookshelves and desks are now filled with personal objects — photos, collected trinkets and memorabilia from our lives that help us to highlight who we are within our space. These can remind us of places we’ve been, people we miss and our goals for the future while working from home. It helps us to incorporate some of the personal moments we crave.Today, functionality is crucial. We need more from our living rooms and the products in them. Style alone isn’t enough; people expect a higher level of performance and comfort from the products they purchase. With most of us spending more time in our living rooms, we’re using our floors more than ever.Pacing during phone calls, playing fetch in the hallway, doing yoga on the living room floor and games of tag throughout the house all add extra stress to our floors. Products like COREtec Advanced+ combine our need for style and performance with natural artistry and innovative engineering that provides next-level protection for pets, kids, toys, shoes and the wear and tear of everyday life. Products that don’t shy away from the realities of our lives help things go a lot more smoothly.These high performance COREtec products combine the classic and stylish look of hardwood with the durability and functionality of luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Bright and airy color options, such as Charter Oak and Pierpoint Walnut, give you the feeling of lightness in your living spaces while being durable enough to handle all aspects of your life — from kids to pets and more. Adding floors like this to your kitchen, living room or even play room can give new life to your home and also handle all your life can throw at it.Fast change can be a great thing. Many of us have adapted to this new life in many ways. While we used to settle for style alone, our products are now having to work overtime to provide us with both style and performance.We want our living rooms to work for us and our families and use it to showcase what is unique about us. Functional and comfortable products, like COREtec’s Advanced+ series, provide style and durability to our spaces and allow us and everyone we live with to thrive.Like us, our homes have had to learn how to juggle many things at once. We need to cultivate spaces that work for us no matter what we throw at them, whether it be conference calls, soccer cleats, virtual class projects, dinner parties or family game nights. For small living room ideas, family room ideas, modern living room styles, and more, COREtec has the products to enhance both the style and functionality of your space. By filling our living rooms with products that perform, we create homes that work for every member of our family, from four legs to two.