November 01, 2021

The 3 Best Natural Textures to Incorporate into Your Home

Incorporating the colors of nature, such as browns, as well as natural materials, like wood, can help us fulfill our biophilia, a growing interior design movement that aims to merge nature with interior design. These designs take a human-centered approach to design, considering our physical, mental and emotional needs as well as our safety, welfare and desire for contemporary style.  With these broader considerations of health and wellbeing in mind, people are beginning to lean into more natural materials, such as rattan, wicker, wool and other coarse grain textiles, to help lessen toxicity in interiors. We want natural looks that bring the benefits of the outside in.1. Brown Interior Designs Mimicking naturally harnessed browns through organic textures and colors can help you achieve a natural feel in your home. Brown tones create the feeling of the forest through dark woods or the design of the desert through the colors of raw clay and rock. Brown tones are alive, reflecting the complexity of the world around us and bringing warmth, comfort and style into our spaces. COREtec’s Blended Umber luxury vinyl planks give you all the look and feel of the wood with the innovation and quality of vinyl. Our patented construction features an innovative extruded core made from recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC. It is also 100% waterproof, allowing it to be installed anywhere and can be floated over most existing hard floor surfaces or substrates. Our entire COREtec Plus HD collection is also GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Indoor Air Quality, letting you breathe easy and feel confident about the health of your home. Photo: Wood interior designs, living room, luxury vinyl plank flooring.2. Wooden Wall Designs Woods used to be limited to just your floors, but COREtec’s innovative technology gives you the possibility of wood in every application of your home. Our waterproof designs allow you to incorporate wood looks into your kitchens, bathrooms and basements without fear of warping or swelling. COREtec’s Pro Plus collection is just one of COREtec’s collections that makes an excellent addition to any wall and to any home wanting to incorporate the look and feel of nature. This collection can give you lots of wood wall ideas and inspiration to bring the outdoors into your space.  The variety of shades of brown in Divergence Oak can bring that rustic feel of wood to your walls while giving you the confidence that vinyl provides. These and other wall paneling ideas can add extra life and style to your space by accenting walls or complimenting existing flooring.   Photo: Wooden wall design, wood wall ideas, wall paneling ideas, luxury vinyl plank flooring.3. Wood Interior Designs With these various uses for wood within the home, you can achieve a trending Nordic look with clean plank lines on your floors and walls. Celebrate exposure with unfinished, natural looks that complement the architecture of your home. Staining wood rather than painting it can allow the wood to speak for itself and heighten its impact in your space.   Incorporating multiple species of wood looks into one space can also create a contrasting design that highlights all the various natural textures. For example, pairing Biscayne Oak with Flagstaff Oak or Hobbs Oak with Galveston Oak in one space could help to bring out the strong qualities in each tone. Bringing the refreshing elements of nature into your home can do so much more than just add style to your home. Whether you prefer wood on your floors or walls, these natural tones and textures can help to merge the great outdoors into your interior design and provide you with mental, emotional and physical health benefits.  

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October 11, 2021

The Bedroom Has Become the Living Room

Creating Personal Sanctuaries: Calming Bedroom Ideas for Inner and Outer PeaceFor those of us making the best of all of our spaces, every room in our homes can feel like they’re working double. It can be hard to find some peace and quiet amongst all the chaos. Creating calm and peaceful environments in our bedrooms can help to ease the stresses of modern life and provide us with a private space to relax and rejuvenate even in seemingly smaller spaces.For those of us sharing space with our partners, family members or roommates, private space can be a luxurious commodity. Having a place where we can shut the door, get away and take time for ourselves is a necessity to keep our sanity, and the bedroom has become just the place for this. What used to be just a room for sleeping is now so much more.Living rooms have always been communal living spaces where families and roommates can come together for movies, game night or nonchalant hang outs. While we appreciate places that allow us to come together, we also need private living space to focus on our relationship with ourselves.Our Bedrooms Are Our Sanctuaries Our bedrooms have become our own private living spaces for mindfulness activities, such as journaling, praying or meditation, as well as for more productive activities, like work or exercise. Working from home has increased the use of bedroom accessories, such as bed desks and stationary bikes, but this has also increased the need for space to relax and unwind.Photo: Bedroom, luxury vinyl plank flooring, peaceful, private living spaces.When we’re working with limited space, we may find ourselves having to use our dining or living rooms as makeshift office space, making our bedrooms an even more desirable place to leave the stress of the day behind. We want to create a personal sanctuary to help shut off our minds from work and focus on self-care.Utilizing calming and peaceful elements, such as pastel bedroom colors and natural light, can help our brains to shift from work to relaxation more quickly. Soft pinks, lavenders and shades of blue and green can all help you to reduce stress. They can calm your mind, lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and even slow your heart rate.COREtec’s Grande collection offers calming and comfortable colors, such as Grande Khalifa Oak and Grande Vista Oak, that can help you craft the perfect bedroom design for relaxing at the end of a long day. These products pair perfectly with a pastel color palette to add an extra layer of peace to your in-home hideaway.  Photo: Living room, vinyl plank flooring, pastel color palette, peace.Flooring That Fits Your LifestyleWith more activities happening within our homes than ever before, the importance of choosing the best products to fit our lifestyles is growing. Large, multifunctional rooms used to be reserved for the ultra-wealthy, but now many of us are adapting to this new way of life. Conscious home decor choices, such as comforting furniture made of soft and cozy fabrics, mood-enhancing paint colors and stylish and durable floors, are just a few ways to promote self-care within our design choices. Utilizing as much natural light as possible throughout your home can also benefit both your mental and physical health. According to a study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, prolonged exposure to natural light can help to improve your productivity, sleep, vision and mood. It can also lead to increased vitamin D intake which promotes bone growth and general immunity. Being intentional about what we put into our spaces can help them work better for us. Our dining room tables can become productive office spaces. Our living rooms can become home theaters. Our bedrooms can become sanctuaries from it all. Utilizing our spaces to their full potential can promote a healthier lifestyle and improve our overall well-being.Our Spaces Impact Our HealthConsidering your mental and physical health when constructing your space can benefit you greatly. Using high-quality products, like COREtec flooring or soothing paint colors, can help transform your space into your own personal oasis. We all need a getaway every now and then, even if it’s just getting away from the living room and into the bedroom. Being able to shut the door and settle into a comfy chair or snuggle up under a cozy blanket can be more than enough sometimes. Creating a personal space to unwind and relax can help you to feel better and perform better throughout your day. All it takes is a small change to make a big difference. See how experimenting with some of these calm bedroom design ideas in your home can help you create your perfect peaceful oasis.