5 tips for an interior design mood board
A moodboard adorned with a delicate flower and pieces of paper.

When it comes to designing your interior, you may know what you want, but how do you combine colours, fabrics, materials and shapes? How do you ensure that all the inspiration you get comes together nicely in the room(s) you want to furnish? The best way to succeed is to use a mood board! Keep reading to discover our 5 tips for an inspiring mood board.

1. Define a clear colour palette

Define a clear colour palette to suit your taste and match the photos, details and ‛look & feel´ accordingly. Will this be a light or a dark interior? Are you going for warm, deep shades, or rather an airy or contemporary look?

2. Use real samples

If you are creating a physical mood board, you can also use real samples for more depth! You can obtain paint and fabric swatches from the home improvement store. Be sure to visit a COREtec® dealer in your area, as they can provide you with floor samples for free. Time to be creative!

3. Pay attention to the furniture

Pay close attention to the shape and finish of the furniture. Does this match the atmosphere and style you have in mind?

4. Use online inspiration

And what if you choose to use a digital mood board? Then, look for inspiration mainly online on websites such as Pinterest and in magazines and let your creativity run wild with software such as Photoshop and Canva. You can also download our floors from mtextur to process in your mood board.

5. Use your moodboard as a shopping guide

Have you finished your mood board? Be sure to use it as a guide whenever you are shopping! This will stop you from buying the wrong things, and you may find other matching decorative objects and soft furnishings.

Have fun decorating!