COREtec® floors.

The sense of certainty!

Choosing the right floor can be overwhelming. Some people prioritize aesthetics, some go for quality and others opt for ease of use. Instead of compromising, we’ve combined the best of all worlds in one floor: COREtec®. Aesthetically refined, but also exceptionally durable. Comfortable to walk on, yet also waterproof and wear resistant. Easy to install and maintain. That’s the sense of certainty.

Floors for every style

COREtec® caters to every taste, whether you lean towards natural looks or embrace the unconventional. From ultra-realistic grain patterns thanks to Embossed in Register (EIR) technology, to enhanced bevelled edges, coloured joints and more. There’s a COREtec® floor for every interior.

Performance beyond compare

COREtec® floors are 100% waterproof, child and pet friendly. With sturdy cores and thick wear layers, they’re built to withstand everyday life, keeping your floor looking impeccable for a lifetime. All our floors are backed by lifetime residential warranties.

Designed for simplicity

Thanks to the innovative, integrated click system, you can install your COREtec® floor over any surface without glue, nails or additional underlay. Forget sanding, polishing, sealing or varnishing: our floors are a breeze to care for. In case of accidents, our COREtec® Cleaning Kit will save the day.

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