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Ceramic flooring reinvented

CERATOUCH is the latest addition to the COREtec® STONE range of rigid composite floors, and will unquestionably revolutionize the flooring industry for many years to come.

CERATOUCH brings you the best of both worlds: the strength plus look and feel of a ceramic tile combined with the comfort and ease of installation of a soft floor. CERATOUCH is available in a large number of designer-curated tile and stone designs.

Mineral Core and advanced CERAGUARD Technologie
CERATOUCH is built around a high-density core composed of limestone particles, void of PVC. Its longevity is assured by multiple high-performance wear layers giving it a scratch resistance equal to or better than that of a ceramic tile but without the brittleness of the latter. Accidental breakage during installation is excluded, which is a recurring problem with genuine ceramics.
Laying a CERATOUCH floor is easy and straightforward and thereby offers new and unheard-of opportunities for the renovation market. It can be directly laid on an older floor or a slightly uneven surface without print-through.
Thanks to its secure tap angle system CERATOUCH is self-aligning and does not necessarily need the intervention of a costly and hard to get hold of professional tiler. CERATOUCH is 100% waterproof and its slim, tight seams add to its natural and hyperrealistic look. In commercial applications, CERATOUCH drastically reduces costly downtime ensuring same-day walk-on.

CERAGUARD is a protective stain-, scratch- and scuff resistant thermoplastic top layer specifically developed for the CERATOUCH collection. The matte, embossed finish gives CERATOUCH its stunning true-to-nature look and feel and makes it virtually impossible to distinguish from a genuine stone or ceramic floor.
Well suited for the project and renovation market

Aside from its residential use, CERATOUCH also offers many advantages for the project and renovation market. There’s no need to egalize or even prepare the surface. CERATOUCH adapts to moderate irregularities without print-through and can be installed on top of an existing floor. Handling is easy thanks to its lightweight structure (about half the weight of a ceramic tile). Installation is done by clicking, not gluing. The whole installation process is rapid and straightforward allowing for same-day walk-on, thus avoiding costly downtime.
Enhanced stability

General and dimensional stability of the CERATOUCH floor is firmly ensured by 2 strong layers of vinyl applied to both sides of the mineral core. As a result, a CERATOUCH floor will never bulge nor contract and always keep its original appearance. The inherent CERATOUCH resistance and
stability is also very welcome when flooring densely visited offices and public- or commercial
CERATOUCH is a downright game changer. Here’s why in a nutshell:

  • the look and feel of a genuine ceramic tile

  • dimensionally stable and self-aligning

  • reduces costly downtime, same-day walk-on

  • ideally suited for the project and renovation market

  • improved scratch resistance over a genuine ceramic tile

  • quick and easy to install, half the weight of a ceramic tile

  • fit for all surfaces, even slightly irregular or on top of an old floor

  • 100% waterproof, well suited for wet rooms

  • requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance

  • sustainable through the mineral core, void of PVC, and its cork underlayer

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