COREtec Floors

COREtec Cleaning Kit

Care for luxury vinyl flooring

For a spotless and streak free floor.
For periodic maintenance

COREtec Deep Cleaner removes old protective layers and persistent dirt. Suitable for all COREtec floors. Use initially and then every 6 months (or more often upon desire). Use COREtec Daily Cleaner to mop your floor on a daily basis. Does your mopped floor suffer from spots and streaks? Use COREtec Deep Cleaner and remove remnants from your old product.

Retains the original look of your floor.
For daily use

COREtec Daily Cleaner is a freshly scented, fast drying and highly concentrated cleaner that is suitable for all COREtec floors. Effortlessly removes dirt whilst mopping the floor and gives the floor a fresh look. Does not leave any residue, so the original appearance is retained. Use COREtec Deep Cleaner for a periodic deep clean.

Removes stains

COREtec Stain Remover is a specially combined glue, stain and soil remover for the removal of ex. ink, (black) shoe polish, felt pen, ballpoint, cosmetics, grease, oil, dispersion paint, lacquer and water resistant adhesive residues on all COREtec floors.

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