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The Essentials | Multi Series

With the unique “Multi Series” you can effortlessly create your own style with four different sizes. The layout you choose for the planks is completely up to you. Several planks in this new collection are available with 2 bevelled sides, which means that only the length of the plank is bevelled. You get an incredibly authentic look as a result, and the difference with real parquet flooring is almost impossible to spot. The natural aspect of the collection is further enhanced by the texture obtained with ‛Embossed in Register (EIR) technology'. Together, the design and raised texture merge perfectly to create an authentic whole. This not only makes the floor look like real wood; it also feels that way.

Available plank dimensions (10 planks /box) :

610 x 126 x 8 mm (2 pc)
1220 x 126 x 8 mm (2 pc)
1830 x 181 x 8 mm (4 pc)
1830 x 228 x 8 mm (2 pc)


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  • Reference:
    50 LVREM 2454
  • Dimensions:
    610 x 126 x 8 mm
  • Sq. M./Box:

COREtec floors are engineered for quick and easy installation, whether you DIY or leave it to the pros.

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