Ceramic tiles reinvented

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CERATOUCH blows a fresh wind through the tile market. Explore a collection of innovative click tiles that look and feel like real ceramic tiles but come with a protective, ultra-scratch-resistant top layer.

CERATOUCH top features

4 V Groove icon bevels all four sides

Bevels on the long & short sides


CERAGUARD technology

water resistant icon

Water resistant

easy install icon

Easy to install

installation icon

Installation on any surface

Stable icon

Extremely stable

What sets CERATOUCH apart?

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Just like real ceramic tiles, but better

Introducing CERAGUARD, a thermoplastic, scratch- and impact-resistant top layer designed specifically for this collection. Its matte finish and textured relief lend your CERATOUCH floor its genuine look and tactile experience that’s characteristic of real ceramic tiles.

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Enhanced Stability

With dual stability layers embracing the mineral core, CERATOUCH ensures steadfast shape and dimensional stability. This robustness also makes it a perfect fit for high-traffic areas in public buildings, stores and offices.

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Effortless installation

Experience the ease of CERATOUCH click tiles, which seamlessly adjust to uneven surfaces and can be placed over existing floors. Weighing just half as much as real ceramic tiles and requiring no glue during installation, these tiles offer unparalleled convenience.

Diagram of COREtec CERATOUCH plank flooring layers

What is my CERATOUCH floor made of?

All our CERATOUCH floors are 8 mm thick and composed of 7 distinct layers:

  1. CERAGUARD layer: Protective stain-, scratch- & scuff resistant thermal resin top layer
  2. Design layer: Indistinguishable from real ceramic tiles
  3. Stability layer: Warm & quiet underfoot
  4. Multiple fiberglass layersThe most sustainable solution
  5. Mineral Core®A mineral composite which is more resistant to temperature swings
  6. Balancing layer: Extra stability
  7. Attached cork underlayment: The most sustainable solution
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How do I install my CERATOUCH floor?

Our floors are designed for simplicity. Thanks to the integrated click system, you can install COREtec® on any surface without glue, nails or additional subflooring. There’s no need for sanding, polishing, sealing or varnishing. Plus, our floors don’t require acclimatisation or a post-installation waiting period, so you can install and start living on your new floor the same day.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial video or view our CERATOUCH installation guide for detailed instructions.

How do I clean my CERATOUCH floor?

Unlike traditional parquet or other flooring types, COREtec® floors are 100% waterproof, child and pet friendly. Simply follow these steps to keep your floor looking great for a lifetime:

Follow our simple Tips for routine care and maintenance:



to remove dirt and other particles that can damage the surface of your floor.


CLEAN messes asap

to avoid prolonged exposure 
and allow for easier removal.



with a pH-neutral vinyl cleaner. Avoid shine, wax or polish cleaning products.

COREtec cleaning kit

With these tips and our recommended COREtec® Cleaning Kit, maintaining your floor is child's play. For more detailed information on post-installation cleaning, preventive and routine maintenance, or spot and spill removal, please consult our care and maintenance guidelines.

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