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October 11, 2021

Have You Heard the News? Sound Makes All the Difference in Your Home!

Whether you’re a first time guitar player, a backyard DJ or simply someone who enjoys not hearing every step your kids take around the house, acoustics play a big role in all of our lives. Acoustic flooring can make or break the tranquility of your home. Incorporating sound into your decision-making process when selecting flooring can save not just your eardrums, but your peace of mind, as well.  You’ve considered the role of each sense in crafting your feel-good spaces — plush fabrics for comfort, sleek designs that are easy on the eyes and fragrant candles for a welcoming scent. While these elements can come together to form your perfect space, there’s one element that can’t be forgotten: sound.Sound Affects Our Health According to WHO, more than 1 million healthy life years (DALYs) are lost annually because of environmental noise exposure. Most of these DALYs can be attributed to noise-induced sleep disturbance and annoyance. The impact of sound on your health cannot be overlooked.  Your cat’s middle of the night triathlons around your house, your kid’s midnight milk runs, or even your partner slipping to the bathroom can all disturb your sleep if your floors aren’t properly insulated for sound. With COREtec’s Premium and Grande collections, you can rest easy knowing the thick cork underlayment is protecting your health with its innovative sound insulation. While COREtec can't fully soundproof your floors, our products can aid in dampening sounds and preserving your peace and quiet.   Quality Products Can Improve the Overall Health of Your Home Incorporating high quality products into our homes can help us achieve the look, feel and functionality we need from our spaces. Whether you’re working towards a soundproof office, bedroom, or maybe your entire home, COREtec products can help you on your sound-dampening journey. COREtec uses sustainable and durable materials that satisfy the senses and help your floors work for you.   COREtec’s cork underlayment is soft to the touch, with a non-intrusive, slightly sweet odor and creates effective insulation to dampen sound. This cork also has a natural temperature very close to that of the human body, conveying a feeling of comfort and warmth that is difficult to replicate with any other material. Similar to layers of drywall in your walls, this underlayment helps to stop sounds of foot traffic, paw traffic and other unwanted noises from disturbing your peace.  Photo: Cork underlayment, flooring, luxury vinyl plank. Whether you’re looking for a wood look, like Premium’s Noble Oak, or a stone look, like COREtec Stone’s Lucina in your luxury vinyl, all COREtec products are created to be soft, warm and quiet to make your home as comfortable and functional as possible.   Traditional wood and stone can have your feet freezing with the sound of every step echoing around your house. COREtec’s cork underlayment insulates your floor, preventing cold feet and thundering footsteps   Now with space at a premium in our homes, we need flexibility in our spaces to adapt to all the different activities our homes accommodate. With everyone being home, sound control has become an even more pressing challenge.  Floors that Work for Every Space Our homes have rarely been considered “flex” spaces in the past. Each room served its purpose, and we tended to leave it at that. Now we have full days at home. With working remotely from home and virtual learning becoming more and more prevalent, it may stay like that for a lot of people in the foreseeable future.   What was once just a dining room is now a classroom and a workspace, as well. What was once a backyard for BBQs is now a playground. What was once a living room is now a gym, a movie theater and an office. With our spaces taking on new meanings, how do we juggle all of these flex spaces while managing the senses of sight, touch, smell and sound?  While many companies are beginning to address the issue of sound in their products, COREtec has had sound on our mind since our founding. We have always scrutinized every detail of our products to ensure you’re getting style, strength and simplicity from every COREtec product.   Innovation is a foundational part of COREtec. We’ve been monitoring these elements in all of their products since the very beginning, giving you the upper hand in creating your perfect space. Our patented technology gives you the style you want with the sound absorption that you need to coexist with everyone in your home.   Using COREtec flooring puts you in control of the sound in your home and make a world of difference towards soundproof rooms in your space. With all of us in such close quarters nowadays, we’ll take all the extra quiet we can get!   Sound has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Utilizing innovative products can help us to protect the sounds we want to hear and soften the sounds we don’t.