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Learn more about which COREtec floor is right for you and your space. Explore each COREtec collection below to discover styles that provide the benefits you need most.

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While each of our collections provide distinct performance benefits, every COREtec floor offers beautiful styling options, easy care and maintenance and is expertly designed to meet healthy home standards. Rest assured, all COREtec collections feature these shared benefits:







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Here's a list common of performance needs to consider when purchasing new flooring. Shop styles that feature the benefits you desire most.

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Scratch Resistance

Get floors with everlasting scratch protection and endless design possibilities.

  • Best-in-Class Scratch Protection 
  • Floors Your Pets Will Love
  • 30-Year Residential Scratch Warranty

Popular Styles

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Enhanced Comfort

Explore thicker plank styles designed for extra comfort underfoot and less noise in the home.

  • Softer Underfoot 
  • Increases Warmth
  • Reduces Sounds

Popular Styles

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Extreme Durability

Discover floors built for pros and heavy-duty use in light commercial or high-traffic residential spaces.

  • Dent and Impact Resistance
  • Built for High-Traffic Areas
  • Approved for 3-Season Homes

Popular Styles

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Noise Reduction

Experience silence with every step on styles designed to provide extra peace and quiet.

  • 70% Quieter than other LVP Floors
  • Innovative New Attached Underlayment
  • Underlayment Made from Recycled Materials

Popular Styles



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Shop by collection to find the perfect COREtec floor for you and your space. When browsing products, be sure to also filter your selections by preferences like availability, color, length/width, price, and more to further refine your search options.

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