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June 06, 2022

Why Waterproof Floors Are Important to Your Home

What Does Waterproof Mean?  If you look around the flooring world today, you will see many options marketed as waterproof or water-resistant, but it seems as if each of these products mean different things when making these claims.  We’re here to help clear up the confusion.  COREtec makes a 100% waterproof floor. This means that COREtec floors will never swell, expand or contract when exposed to water. This stands in contrast to floors that are water-resistant. ‘Water-resistant’ floors will resist damage from water for a limited time but will ultimately swell when exposed for long periods.   COREtec’s 100% waterproof floors are also different from laminate floors that simply have a waterproof top layer or finish. While these floors will stop damage from above, they will eventually succumb to water damage from below. This is important because water from below can lead to expansion and subtraction, which often leads to contraction, which will ultimately lead to warping.  So, when COREtec says 100% waterproof, it means 100%. All COREtec floors are protected from water both above and below the surface, for any amount of time. And this is fully backed by COREtec’s waterproof warranty, which states, “The floor plank or tile is warranted to be 100% waterproof and the structural integrity of the floor plank or tile will not be significantly diminished by exposure to water for the life of the product.” * Why You Should Care About Waterproof Floors  It’s important to realize all the ways in which water damage can occur. It’s more than just spilling your glass of water on to the floor. Leaky faucets and pipes, steam from showers and appliances and even the presence of humidity during the warmer months can all introduce water into your home.  Photo: Briar Oak VV735-06013Once water enters your home, it can quickly cause serious damage if you don’t have the right protection. When it comes to water damage, it’s typically manifested in two ways – warping or mold and mildew. Although warping will be the more obvious problem, the presence of mold or mildew will be the more serious one. It has major effects on your home’s value and is known to impact the human respiratory system. It’s bad for everyone and everything involved.    The Benefits of Waterproof Flooring  Waterproof floors have benefits beyond what they can prevent. Most obviously, waterproof floors offer you significant peace of mind. Knowing that spills from little ones or pet accidents won’t cause any lasting damage can be a great worry reliever.   And waterproof floors are also significantly easier to clean than non-waterproof options. Water isn’t able to soak through a waterproof floor, so it remains on the surface of the floor, allowing you to simply wipe away any spills or splashes. In the long run, this will save significant money on deep cleans and maintenance.  COREtec’s waterproof core has other appealing benefits. Since our core is so thick (a necessity of truly waterproof cores), the flooring is naturally quieter and warmer than other laminate or vinyl options.   Where to Put Your Waterproof Floors Pictured: Draco Oak VV735-04019 Although we think COREtec floors are perfect for every room of your house, there are several rooms where COREtec’s waterproof feature provides enhanced benefits. Take your basement for instance. 98% of American basements will experience water damage within their lifespan. And often, the water damage in this room can seemingly come out of nowhere. Being below grade (below ground level) makes these spaces more susceptible to “quieter” forms of water damage – ground water leaks, seepage caused by gutters not diverting water far enough from your home and leaky pipes.  So, naturally, hardwood floors are generally a bad idea for this space, whereas waterproof floors like COREtec are perfect.   Obviously, waterproof floors are extremely beneficial for rooms that contain faucets and appliances connected to water lines. For most people, this means bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. In fact, research shows that these three rooms, combined with basements, make up the four spaces in your home most likely to experience water damage. Installing waterproof floors in these four rooms alone will go a long way towards protecting your home.  And the best part of being able to install COREtec’s floors in these spaces? It allows you to have consistent flooring throughout your house. For too long, the flooring in your kitchen and bathroom had to be different than the flooring in your living room. But since COREtec has hundreds of styles ranging across their collections as well as the valuable waterproof function, you can easily find a floor style that looks good and performs well in every room of your house.    Water You Going To Do About It?  Waterproof floors can be a huge stress-reliever and money saver, and the worst time to think about installing them is after you’ve already suffered from water damage. So, if you’re considering a waterproof floor as one of the ways to protect your home, visit a local retailer and ask to learn more about COREtec floors and their waterproof core.   Visit our Find a Retailer page to locate a COREtec-selling retailer near you!  *Be sure that proper sub-floor moisture tests are performed prior to installation to ensure you don’t trap moisture underneath the floor.

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We’re Just Warming Up: The 3 Best Tones to Warm Up Your Home

Choosing the perfect products for your space can be a challenge. You want to showcase your style while also creating a functional space for your lifestyle. You want features that add warmth and texture to your home and want timeless looks that can adapt as your preferences and needs shift.  Travertine, faux concrete and textured accent walls are three of the best ways to accomplish all these goals in your space, and COREtec has a variety of style options for every budget to combine style and function in your home.1.    Travertine Flooring Travertine is an especially attractive form of limestone. It is a very durable stone that’s easier to care for than some types of natural stone. Its fibrous, marble-like texture and attractive earth-tone colors make it one of the most popular stones used in building materials. COREtec’s Ankara Travertine tile gives you all the style of travertine limestone with the innovative, patented core structure of COREtec Plus Tile. Ankara Travertine is 100% waterproof and can liven up any space in your home, from kitchens to living rooms and even showers. No matter your budget, its warm sand coloring can bring the relaxing feel of the beach or the dry style of the desert to any room in your home. 2.    Faux Concrete Floors For those who want simplicity in their modern style, faux concrete is the perfect way to add a simple pop of texture to your space while keeping it fresh and stylish. You can fulfill your minimalist style dreams without sacrificing functionality. COREtec’s Weathered Concrete tile gives you the chic, industrial look of a New York loft with the warmth and durability of COREtec’s patented tile. The attached cork underlayment dampens sound, giving you all the style with none of the added noise.  Like Ankara Travertine, Weathered Concrete is also 100% waterproof and can be installed anywhere in your home. There are no limits to where your style can go with COREtec Plus Tile.   Photo: Faux concrete floors, warm grey, vinyl plank flooring.3.    COREtec as “Textured Wallpaper” Another way to warm up your space is through textured wallpaper. This little pop of life on your walls can tone down the rigidity of some spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, and make them more livable and inviting.  Adding wallpaper can be a simple and easy way to brighten up your space and breathe new life into it. Show off your style with bold patterns like a metallic floral or keep it subtle with muted tones like a grey textured wallpaper.    Photo: Grey textured wallpaper, dark flooring.COREtec products like Antioch Oak can also be used on walls to add even more unique style to your space. This stunning herringbone design is backed by the patented COREtec technology featuring our innovative COREtec core structure, which is an extruded core made from recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC. No matter if you want to incorporate an eye-catching accent wall or cover every wall, adding COREtec planks to your walls can add texture to your space and create a look that is uniquely you.  Photo: Grey textured wall, accent wall, luxury vinyl plank flooring. Whether you like the warm desert memories of Travertine, the cool, chic feel of faux concrete or the fun pop of a textured wall, adding warmth to your home with tones like these can help enhance and shine a light on your personal style. Using products like COREtec’s Ankara Travertine, Weathered Concrete and Antioch Oak can help you achieve this style without sacrificing durability or going over your budget. COREtec has products for every design style and can give you what you need to achieve the look and feel you want for your home.