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Stylish, Strong, Simplified

The COREtec Stone line of waterproof rigid core flooring combines the elegance...

The COREtec Stone line of waterproof rigid core flooring combines the elegance of a stone visual with the performance consumers expect from a COREtec product, all in an easy-to-install format.

“COREtec Stone is a radically different approach to flooring because we took a radically different perspective,” Natalie Cady, channel director of premium brands Anderson Tuftex and COREtec, shared with FCW. “We didn’t try to emulate stone. We emulated the way consumers live — and that simply changed everything. COREtec Stone is the way COREtec would do tile and stone, because now, we do.”

Chief among COREtec Stone’s innovative achievements, noted Cady, is a waterproof rigid mineral core free of PVC or plasticizers.

“The rigid mineral core offers superior indentation resistance and dimensional stability, allowing the product to offer an industry-best 18˝ × 36˝ platform among its array of design-forward aesthetics and formats suitable for commercial or residential use,” she said, adding, “The rigid mineral core offers even greater dimensional stability than WPC and SPC, making COREtec Stone ideal for large spaces without using transition pieces, rooms with high temperatures — such as sunrooms and foyers — and areas where cabinets, appliances and islands will be set upon the floor.”

COREtec Stone was engineered around the way consumers live today, said John Crews, director of product design of premium brands Anderson Tuftex and COREtec.

“The result,” he said, “is a tile that offers an unprecedented combination of design, simple installation, livability and durability.”

Dennis Busch, retail sales associate at Great Floors in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, who also happens to be the top RSA for COREtec, said COREtec Stone has all the benefits consumers are looking for.

“It is the hardest and most scratch-resistant product out there today, and I’ve done quite a bit of testing on it,” said Busch. “I like the cork backing, it makes it warmer and quieter. Plus, the visuals are great.”