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All the tools, tips and information you need to choose, plan and buy your perfect COREtec floor.

Why COREtec?


We’re obsessed with styling innovations like Embossed In Register technology for grain patterns you can feel, enhanced beveled edges for a more realistic appearance and integrated grout lines in perfectly coordinating shades.


Our waterproof, kidproof, petproof floors are engineered to withstand real life with thick wear-layers and strong cores. That’s why they’re backed by lifetime residential warranties.


We make COREtec floors easy to install and a breeze to care for. Even our Encore floor cleaner is a time saver because there’s no need to rinse.

Experience Silence with Every Step image

Experience Silence with Every Step

Our Soft Step underlayment is the quietest hard surface floor on the market.

Discover our Soft Step Products
Cleaning Your Floors Made Easy image

Cleaning Your Floors Made Easy

Our Encore cleaner was specially made to clean COREtec floors.

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How Much Flooring Do You Need?

Start with the basic square footage of your room(s) by multiplying length times width. Don’t try to be too precise – round up to the next foot. Then add in closets. Trust us, you’ll be glad you put in the little extra effort every time you open your closet door.

Approximately how many square feet do you need?

Sq. Ft
Add wiggle room

Now, choose a floor that speaks to you.

  1. aden oak

    aden oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  2. alabaster oak

    alabaster oak

    COREtec Classics

  3. aldergrove oak

    aldergrove oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  4. allegiant walnut

    allegiant walnut

    COREtec Premium

  5. ambienta


    COREtec Stone

  6. andromeda pine

    andromeda pine

    COREtec Pro Classics

  7. angelina


    COREtec Stone

  8. anjea


    COREtec Stone

  9. ansley walnut

    ansley walnut

    COREtec Scratchless

  10. appalachian pine

    appalachian pine

    COREtec Enhanced

  11. artesia hickory

    artesia hickory

    COREtec Classics

  12. arubani


    COREtec Stone

  13. arvon oak

    arvon oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  14. ashani


    COREtec Stone

  15. ashton woods oak

    ashton woods oak

    COREtec Classics

  16. aurora oak

    aurora oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  17. aver walnut

    aver walnut

    COREtec Premium

  18. axial oak

    axial oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  19. barnwood rustic pine

    barnwood rustic pine

    COREtec Premium

  20. bastion elm

    bastion elm

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  21. bay oak

    bay oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  22. baywood oak

    baywood oak

    COREtec Classics

  23. bedford oak

    bedford oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  24. bella


    COREtec Stone

  25. belmont hickory

    belmont hickory

    COREtec Pro Classics

  26. berkshire elm

    berkshire elm

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  27. berlin pine

    berlin pine

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

  28. biscayne oak

    biscayne oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  29. blackstone oak

    blackstone oak

    COREtec Classics

  30. blended caraway

    blended caraway

    COREtec Premium

  31. blended cocoon

    blended cocoon

    COREtec Premium

  32. blended praline

    blended praline

    COREtec Premium

  33. blended sienna

    blended sienna

    COREtec Premium

  34. blended umber

    blended umber

    COREtec Premium

  35. blonde oak

    blonde oak

    COREtec Premium

  36. bosc oak

    bosc oak

    COREtec Premium

  37. bravado pine

    bravado pine

    COREtec Premium

  38. brawley chestnut

    brawley chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  39. briar oak

    briar oak

    COREtec Premium

  40. brockport oak

    brockport oak

    COREtec Classics

  41. brookfield maple

    brookfield maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  42. cairo oak

    cairo oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

  43. calypso oak

    calypso oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  44. cambridge elm

    cambridge elm

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  45. canterbury elm

    canterbury elm

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  46. capetown maple

    capetown maple

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  47. carolina pine

    carolina pine

    COREtec Classics

  48. cartwheel oak

    cartwheel oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  49. caspian oak

    caspian oak

    COREtec Classics

  50. cerith oak

    cerith oak

    COREtec Premium

  51. chandler oak

    chandler oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  52. charter oak

    charter oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  53. chesapeake oak

    chesapeake oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  54. cheshire elm

    cheshire elm

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  55. cigar oak

    cigar oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  56. claverton pine

    claverton pine

    COREtec Scratchless

  57. conch ash

    conch ash

    COREtec Premium

  58. conway oak

    conway oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  59. copano oak

    copano oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  60. coretta oak

    coretta oak

    COREtec Premium

  61. cyril oak

    cyril oak

    COREtec Premium

  62. dakota walnut

    dakota walnut

    COREtec Classics

  63. deep lake oak

    deep lake oak

    COREtec Classics

  64. deep smoked oak

    deep smoked oak

    COREtec Classics

  65. dodwell oak

    dodwell oak

    COREtec Classics

  66. douglas maple

    douglas maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  67. draco oak

    draco oak

    COREtec Premium

  68. dublin pine

    dublin pine

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

  69. durban pear

    durban pear

    COREtec Classics

  70. duxbury oak

    duxbury oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  71. edinburgh oak

    edinburgh oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  72. egeria


    COREtec Stone

  73. elliptical oak

    elliptical oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  74. essex maple

    essex maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  75. ezra oak

    ezra oak

    COREtec Premium

  76. fairhaven oak

    fairhaven oak

    COREtec Pro Premium

  77. fairweather oak

    fairweather oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  78. feronia


    COREtec Stone

  79. fidalgo oak

    fidalgo oak

    COREtec Classics

  80. flagstaff oak

    flagstaff oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  81. flaxen ash

    flaxen ash

    COREtec Premium

  82. fortress pine

    fortress pine

    COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD

  83. fresno chestnut

    fresno chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  84. galveston oak

    galveston oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  85. garamond oak

    garamond oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  86. genova oak

    genova oak

    COREtec Premium

  87. gold coast acacia

    gold coast acacia

    COREtec Classics

  88. grande aleta oak

    grande aleta oak

    COREtec Premium

  89. grande ellidy oak

    grande ellidy oak

    COREtec Premium

  90. grande empire oak

    grande empire oak

    COREtec Premium

  91. grande goldin oak

    grande goldin oak

    COREtec Premium

  92. grande lotte oak

    grande lotte oak

    COREtec Premium

  93. grande makkah oak

    grande makkah oak

    COREtec Premium

  94. grande marina oak

    grande marina oak

    COREtec Premium

  95. grande petronas oak

    grande petronas oak

    COREtec Premium

  96. grande vista oak

    grande vista oak

    COREtec Premium

  97. grande willis oak

    grande willis oak

    COREtec Premium

  98. grandure oak

    grandure oak

    COREtec Premium

  99. harmonia


    COREtec Stone

  100. hastings walnut

    hastings walnut

    COREtec Scratchless

  101. hatfield maple

    hatfield maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  102. havanna hickory

    havanna hickory

    COREtec Pro Classics

  103. hayes oak

    hayes oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  104. hempstead walnut

    hempstead walnut

    COREtec Premium

  105. heyward oak

    heyward oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  106. highlands oak

    highlands oak

    COREtec Classics

  107. hobbs oak

    hobbs oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  108. iona


    COREtec Stone

  109. irene walnut

    irene walnut

    COREtec Premium

  110. irvine chestnut

    irvine chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  111. ivory coast oak

    ivory coast oak

    COREtec Classics

  112. jerome oak

    jerome oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  113. kendal bamboo

    kendal bamboo

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  114. kent oak

    kent oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  115. keystone pine

    keystone pine

    COREtec Premium

  116. kingswood oak

    kingswood oak

    COREtec Classics

  117. laguna beach oak

    laguna beach oak

    COREtec Classics

  118. laguna oak

    laguna oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  119. laurent oak

    laurent oak

    COREtec Premium

  120. lawrence maple

    lawrence maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  121. leisure oak

    leisure oak

    COREtec Premium

  122. london elm

    london elm

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  123. lucent oak

    lucent oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  124. lucetta


    COREtec Stone

  125. ludlow oak

    ludlow oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  126. lyric oak

    lyric oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  127. madrid oak

    madrid oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

  128. maffei cherry

    maffei cherry

    COREtec Pro Classics

  129. magellanic oak

    magellanic oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  130. manila oak

    manila oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  131. mari


    COREtec Stone

  132. marianas oak

    marianas oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  133. marsh oak

    marsh oak

    COREtec Classics

  134. mercer oak

    mercer oak

    COREtec Pro Premium

  135. midnight oak

    midnight oak

    COREtec Premium

  136. midway oak

    midway oak

    COREtec Classics

  137. miles oak

    miles oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  138. mist oak

    mist oak

    COREtec Premium

  139. mont blanc driftwood

    mont blanc driftwood

    COREtec Premium

  140. monterey oak

    monterey oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  141. montrose oak

    montrose oak

    COREtec Classics

  142. morningside oak

    morningside oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  143. mornington oak

    mornington oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  144. murcia


    COREtec Stone

  145. nantucket oak

    nantucket oak

    COREtec Classics

  146. nares oak

    nares oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  147. nicola oak

    nicola oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  148. niland chestnut

    niland chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  149. noble oak

    noble oak

    COREtec Premium

  150. norfolk maple

    norfolk maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  151. northwoods oak

    northwoods oak

    COREtec Classics

  152. norwegian maple

    norwegian maple

    COREtec Classics

  153. norwood oak

    norwood oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  154. opulence oak

    opulence oak

    COREtec Premium

  155. parchment oak

    parchment oak

    COREtec Premium

  156. pasadena oak

    pasadena oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  157. pellonia


    COREtec Stone

  158. pembroke pine

    pembroke pine

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  159. penmore walnut

    penmore walnut

    COREtec Premium

  160. phoenix oak

    phoenix oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  161. pierpoint walnut

    pierpoint walnut

    COREtec Scratchless

  162. portchester oak

    portchester oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  163. prescott oak

    prescott oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  164. pride oak

    pride oak

    COREtec Premium

  165. privet pine

    privet pine

    COREtec Scratchless

  166. pronto oak

    pronto oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  167. quincy oak

    quincy oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  168. ralston walnut

    ralston walnut

    COREtec Premium

  169. ravenswood oak

    ravenswood oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  170. red river hickory

    red river hickory

    COREtec Classics

  171. reserve oak

    reserve oak

    COREtec Premium

  172. rocca oak

    rocca oak

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  173. rocky mountain oak

    rocky mountain oak

    COREtec Classics

  174. roswell hickory

    roswell hickory

    COREtec Pro Classics

  175. russa


    COREtec Stone

  176. salton chestnut

    salton chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  177. san marino elm

    san marino elm

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  178. sand dollar oak

    sand dollar oak

    COREtec Premium

  179. savoy oak

    savoy oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  180. sea salt oak

    sea salt oak

    COREtec Premium

  181. semonia


    COREtec Stone

  182. sherwood rustic pine

    sherwood rustic pine

    COREtec Premium

  183. shoreline maple

    shoreline maple

    COREtec Pro Enhanced

  184. sirius


    COREtec Stone

  185. skillman oak

    skillman oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  186. smoked rustic pine

    smoked rustic pine

    COREtec Premium

  187. solstice cherry

    solstice cherry

    COREtec Pro Classics

  188. southampton oak

    southampton oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  189. spiral pine

    spiral pine

    COREtec Pro Classics

  190. spirit oak

    spirit oak

    COREtec Premium

  191. springfield oak

    springfield oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  192. stonehaven maple

    stonehaven maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  193. stonewall pine

    stonewall pine

    COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD

  194. suffolk oak

    suffolk oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  195. sunflower pine

    sunflower pine

    COREtec Pro Classics

  196. suva oak

    suva oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

  197. telford pine

    telford pine

    COREtec Scratchless

  198. tolima pine

    tolima pine

    COREtec Enhanced

  199. treasure pine

    treasure pine

    COREtec Premium

  200. trestle pine

    trestle pine

    COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD

  201. tulsa oak

    tulsa oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  202. twilight oak

    twilight oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  203. tyro walnut

    tyro walnut

    COREtec Premium

  204. valor oak

    valor oak

    COREtec Premium

  205. vanilla pine

    vanilla pine

    COREtec Premium

  206. venado oak

    venado oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  207. ventura chestnut

    ventura chestnut

    COREtec Classics

  208. vesta


    COREtec Stone

  209. vintage taupe ash

    vintage taupe ash

    COREtec Premium

  210. virtue oak

    virtue oak

    COREtec Premium

  211. waddington oak

    waddington oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  212. warsaw pine

    warsaw pine

    COREtec Pro Classics

  213. warwick maple

    warwick maple

    COREtec Pro Premium

  214. wellington oak

    wellington oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  215. wheldon oak

    wheldon oak

    COREtec Classics

  216. whirlpool oak

    whirlpool oak

    COREtec Pro Classics

  217. whittier oak

    whittier oak

    COREtec Classics

  218. williamson oak

    williamson oak

    COREtec Enhanced

  219. wiltshire oak

    wiltshire oak

    COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

  220. woodbury maple

    woodbury maple

    COREtec Classics

  221. wythe oak

    wythe oak

    COREtec Scratchless

  222. zawn oak

    zawn oak

    COREtec Premium

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Find Your Retailer

COREtec floors are available at friendly, full-service flooring retailers nationwide. For an elevated experience, look for the certified White Glove Service Partner near you. They offer a range of exclusive benefits not available anywhere else.

Installation Tips

COREtec floors are engineered for simple installation - which saves you time and money on professional installation, or lets you take on a DIY project. Check out our demo video, and see detailed instructions for each collection.

Finishing Touches

We offer a full range of trim pieces and transitions for every style of COREtec floors to make sure your flooring project has a clean, professional look.

Cleaning & Care

We’ve made it simple to maintain your COREtec® floors. Of course, they’re waterproof, kidproof and petproof to stand up to real life day in and day out. So all you have to do is follow a few easy tips to keep them looking great.

First Use

Before moving furniture and décor onto your new floor, sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor. Then lightly damp mop with well wrung mop.

Simple Protection

Wherever possible, use walk off mats at entrances and doorways. Non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables are also a good idea.

Cleaning Dos

Choose a pH-neutral floor cleaner - nothing with a floor polish or detergent in it. We recommend Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

Cleaning Don’ts

Don't use treated dust mops, they may leave a residue. Don't use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces. Avoid using mop and shine products and steam mops.


Get Payment Flexibility with Financing

Did you know you don’t have to pay for your COREtec floors all at once? With approved credit, COREtec offers you the option of financing your floors, giving you more flexibility and more options.

Apply in minutes. | Get a quick credit decision. | Use your account immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where can I buy COREtec?

    We’re proud of our nationwide network of specialty flooring retailers. Click here to find a retailer near you.

  2. Can I find COREtec in “big box” stores?

    Not at this time. We prefer the full service and expert advice available through our network of specialty retailers.

  3. How many boxes should I buy?

    That depends on which COREtec product you choose. Just click here to open our handy Quantity Calculator.

  4. Do you offer financing?

    Our network of retail flooring partners offers a range of competitive financing options through Wells Fargo to help you complete your project. Visit our retailer locator to find a retailer near you. Or for more details, visit our financing page and conveniently apply and receive a quick credit decision today.

  5. What’s “wiggle room”?

    The perfect solution to an imperfect world. Whether it's flooring, wallpaper or paint, it’s always better to have more than you need instead of needing more than you have. We recommend buying 10% more than your square footage demands to guard against installation errors or other unforeseen circumstances. Just click the Wiggle Room box on our Quantity Calculator and leave the math to us.


  1. Can I install my COREtec floor myself?

    Yes. Our rigid planks and tiles allow for “Floating Installation” over many existing floors, and the Angle-Tap installation is suitable for the average DIY installer. Click here for installation instructions.

  2. Do I have to install my COREtec floor myself?

    Of course not. Your local COREtec retailer will be happy to provide professional installation services. And our Angle-Tap, floating installation will keep installation costs lower than many other types of flooring.

  3. What tools will I need to install COREtec floors?

    The necessities are a hammer, tapping block and a pull bar. We highly recommend using ¼ inch spacers and a crosscut power saw with a blade suitable for plastics. Other basics to have on hand include a pencil, chalk line, tape measure and 3M Scotch Blue™ 2080 Tape.

  4. Where can COREtec floors be installed?

    Our 100% waterproof planks and tiles can be installed in any room of your home, from basement to top floor. COREtec is an interior product and must be stored/installed in a temperature-controlled interior environment, maintained between 55 and 85 degrees F (13°- 29°C).

  5. Can COREtec floors be installed over radiant heat?

    Yes. Please see the installation manual for detailed instructions and considerations.

  6. Can I install COREtec floors outdoors?

    No. Well, technically you could. But you could also cover your deck in suede. Installing COREtec outdoors will negate any product warranty.

  7. Do I need to leave expansion space?

    Yes. While COREtec is a very dimensionally stable product, it can experience some contraction and expansion with temperature fluctuations. The same can be said for your home's walls or any adjacent flooring. That’s why we require leaving ¼ inch space next to walls and adjoining flooring to allow for the contraction and expansion that a homes construction materials experience.

  8. Can I install COREtec floor on my walls?

    Yes. COREtec floors can now be installed on walls to create stunning room accents. Most COREtec styles are approved for wall installation, with the exception of our Plus Premium, Plus Grande and Stone collections. Click for wall installation instructions.

    Click for wall installation instructions.


  1. When the last piece is installed, what’s next?

    First of all, sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt and grit. Then lightly damp mop with well wrung mop. Always use plywood or heavy cardboard when moving furniture or other heavy objects across the floor.

  2. How do I clean my COREtec floor?

    Simply sweep or run a dry dust mop over it to get up the dirt, dust and grit. Avoid treated dust mops as they may leave a residue behind which can dull your floor over time. For a more thorough clean, you'll want a ph neutral cleaner, so nothing with a floor polish or detergent in it. We recommend Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Follow label instructions. Always pre-vacuum or dust mop before any type of wet cleaning.

    Do not use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces. Stay away from steam mops, as the heat can cause the vinyl layer to curl up and peel off. Avoid using mop and shine products.

  3. How do I remove spots & spills?

    As with any flooring surface, you’ll want to absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting with paper or cloth towels. Rinse with water if necessary and blot dry. Dried spots should be removed by gentle agitation and rinsed with water. Blot dry.

    For stubborn spots that water or Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring don’t remove, use simple rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with a clean white cloth. Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners since these products can leave a dull residue.

  4. How do I keep my COREtec floor looking good?

    The single greatest cause of damage to any flooring or floor finish is abrasion from dirt and grit. Wherever possible, use walk off mats at entrances and doorways. If mats are placed directly on COREtec floors, use mats without latex or rubber backings to avoid possible discoloration.

    Use non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables. Use appropriate window coverings, as direct sunlight may fade the color of the flooring over time.

  5. Will my COREtec floor need polishing?

    Maybe. Over time floors may begin to lose their luster and may require an application of floor polish. If and when you apply floor polish will depend on the traffic the floor receives. A good quality floor polish like "Hilway Direct" can provide up to a year of protection in a high traffic area. Thoroughly clean your floor, then apply 2 to 3 coats of polish following label directions and allow floor to dry overnight before heavy traffic use.