Easy Maintenance Flooring Options for Pet Owners
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Pets enhance and improve our lives by bringing joy and memories that last a lifetime. Life at home with pets gets even better when you have easy-maintenance flooring options that are resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear. In this article, we'll explore easy maintenance flooring options. We'll discuss which flooring materials are easiest to clean and review cleaning products and best practices that can help enhance your life at home with your pet.

First, Install the Right Flooring

The best floors for pet owners are both resilient and easy to clean, with a durable finish that resists scratching and staining. COREtec 100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring easily stands up to the everyday hustle and bustle of busy homes with kids and pets. Below are the two best options for homeowners who want to install flooring that can look its best every day — even after long play sessions with your pup.

Great For Pets! COREtec Originals Vinyl Plank Flooring

COREtec Originals vinyl plank flooring is known for its realistic wood look and feel, with a cork backing that makes walking around the house a comfortable experience. A limited lifetime residential warranty and GREENGUARD Gold certification also back this pet-friendly product that's made to last.

COREtec Originals vinyl plank flooring is designed to be easy to maintain. It's also waterproof in case your pet likes to splash the water out of their bowl. COREtec floors won’t swell, cup or crack when exposed to pet accidents or spills.

A COREtec vinyl floor with a wood look in a bathroom

Featured Color: Gold Coast Acacia

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Featured Product: Pierpoint Walnut

Best For Pets! COREtec Scratchless Vinyl Plank Flooring 

COREtec Scratchless vinyl plank flooring comes with all the waterproof, easy-to-clean benefits of Originals styles, plus a 30-year residential scratch warranty — the first in the industry. It's made for families with pets and households that see a lot of action.

COREtec Scratchless vinyl planks offer deep scratch resistance and have a low luster finish that's perfect for hiding scuffs - so your pets can be themselves, and you can enjoy pet parenting to its fullest. Do you have a home with pets who enjoy their playtime? COREtec Scratchless vinyl plank flooring was made with you in mind. Like COREtec Originals, Scratchless planks are waterproof, making them perfect for any space with pets.

Next, Stock Up On the Right Cleaning Products

Keep pet-safe vinyl floor cleaner on hand. It's essential to have the right products for a clean floor and a healthy home! COREtec's Encore cleaner is the perfect product for cleaning your COREtec floors. It's pH neutral and made to remove dirt, grease and scuffs from your COREtec floors without damaging the finish or like-new shine.

Common Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid using "shine" products and vacuums with beater bars on your COREtec floors.
  • Be sure to sweep and clean up messes regularly.
  • Spray mops work well on COREtec floors — keep them and COREtec Encore cleaner available to remove any spills or dirt that might remain after a messy meal or play session with your pet.
A bottle of Encore flooring cleaner on a vinyl floor

Featured Product: Manila Oak

COREtec Vinyl Plank Flooring is Made to Be Petproof 

Enjoy years of happy memories with your pets by installing COREtec vinyl plank flooring. It's made for easy maintenance and reliable durability. You'll enjoy the look and feel of wood and the long-lasting strength of vinyl. This allows you and your pets to enjoy hours of rambunctious play without worrying about scuffs and stains. Get started today with a free, no-obligation design consultation from COREtec's flooring experts.

A cat walking on a COREtec vinyl floor.

Featured Product: Manila Oak