COREtec Tile

Uncompromisingly beautiful. Unbelievably fast installation. 

Modern bedroom with Coretec Tile floor

Tile and stone products have always suffered from difficult, expensive installations, a lack of comfort underfoot and poor durability.

Enter: COREtec Tile. Easy and fast grout-free installations, uncompromising beauty, proven comfort and enhanced chip and crack resistance make these floors shine where traditional tile falls short.

This is tile, the COREtec way: beautiful, durable, fast.

Tile Features

Socks indicating comfort underfoot for COREtec floors.

Stain Resistant

integrated Grout icon

Integrated Grout

Icon showing hammer and tools indicating ease of installation for flooring.

Easy Install

Icon showing a sparkling floor indicating easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

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Healthy Home

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Waterproof, Kidproof, Petproof

What Separates COREtec Tile?

A child plays with a cat on a Coretec tile floor

Easy and Fast Grout-Free Installation

Grout lines are integrated onto COREtec Tile during design, making installations easy, clean and quick. So quick in fact, you can install and live on these floors in the same day (and typically for half the price).  

A broken vase on a Coretec tile floor

Chip and Crack Resistance

Our tile floors are chip and crack resistant. That’s important for two reasons – chips and cracks are big eye sores, and they can also cause injury. 

An entryway and bench with Coretec Tile

Uncompromising Beauty 

With COREtec Tile, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. We have a team of dedicated designers who have concepted these styles using modern trends, and our unique manufacturing processes have perfected them. The result is uncompromising beauty. 

COREtec Tile construction breakdown of layers.

How is COREtec Tile able to deliver on these benefits?

COREtec Tile features three different core possibilities. Select styles feature a thick and cozy core (WPC), some feature a dent-resistant core (SPC) and others are constructed with a PVC-free mineral core that allows for more realistic designs.  

  1. Finish and Wear Layer 
    UV Acrylic Finish: Provides excellent stain resistance and cleanability. Never needs sanding, sealing or refinishing.
    Wear Layer: Protects against excessive wear and stains.
    *Mineral core styles feature a proprietary scratch-resistant coating instead of a typical wear layer or UV acrylic finish.  
  2. Luxury Vinyl Design Layer
    Looks: COREtec offers the widest selection of designs.
    Textures: Detailed embossing and beveling. 
  3. COREtec Core Structure
    SPC: Provides additional dent and impact resistance
    WPC: Brings more comfort, warmth and quiet
    Mineral Core: PVC free and allows for more realistic designs. 
    All three cores provide 100% waterproof protection, dimensional stability and ease of installation.
  4. Pre-Attached Underlayment
    Quiet & Warm: Natural cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise.

Is COREtec Tile Flooring Easy to Install?

Since grout lines are integrated onto COREtec Tile styles during design, installations are easy, clean and quick. In fact, users save about 50% on installation time and costs when they opt for COREtec Tile over traditional tile. Our floors also don’t require acclimation or a post-installation waiting period, which means you can install and live on these floors the day they arrive on your doorstep.

See our Installing COREtec Tile guide for detailed instructions that help ensure your flooring installation adheres to the Tile warranty.*

How Easy to Clean Are COREtec Tile floors?

Traditional grout lines stain easily, and as a result, are difficult to clean. COREtec Tile eliminates this concern and makes cleanup a cinch. Plus, our 100% waterproof, kidproofpetproof guarantee protects your home from everyday 

spills and messes. 

For more detailed information on post-installation cleaning, preventative and routine maintenance or spot and spill removal, please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines.

Follow our simple steps for routine care and maintenance:

Icon showing dustpan and broom to remove dirt.


to remove dirt and other particles that can damage the surface of your floor.

Icon showing hand using towel to clean up messes.

CLEAN messes asap

to avoid prolonged exposure
and allow for easier removal of spots and spills.

Icon showing a damp mop used to clean flooring.


with a pH-neutral vinyl cleaner. Avoid shine, wax or polish cleaning products.

*Select styles are approved for steam mopping (see style specs for details).  

A bottle of liquid spilt on waterproof floor.

Shop COREtec Floors by Performance.

Shop by performance to find the perfect COREtec floor for you and your space. When browsing products, be sure to also filter your selections by preferences like availability, color, length/width, price and more to further refine your search options.

A decorated space with luxury vinyl flooring.

Need Design Help?

Schedule a FREE, no-obligation virtual appointment with a COREtec Design Expert for style inspiration and product recommendations.