3 Design Trends to Look for in 2024
minimal bathroom with soaker tub and light furniture with COREtec vinyl floors

Much like new threads and eye makeup spotted on runways in Milan or red carpets in Hollywood, every year has its own distinct flavor when it comes to interior design.

In this article, we sit down with VP of Product Design, Liz Crow, to discuss three popular home trends that are likely to take center stage in 2024. 

1. Vintage, Authentic and Historic Charm

Q. The first trend you've highlighted is one that you’ve said is a bit more traditional. Why?

A. “People are seeking longevity in products they purchase, which is leading to a revival in historic charm. The post-covid circular economy boom encouraged the reuse and restoration of used and vintage pieces in the home. And that vintage interior style will continue to remain relevant in the future as homeowners search for feelings of security and stability in their interior design.” 

Q. How can we acheive this trend in our own homes?

A. “Color and material trends supporting this design theme emanate with a timeless, traditional aesthetic. Using polished brass, warm wood tones, cast iron grey and soft off-white shades. Combining this with muted pops of color will help round out a warm, nostalgic look. 

For textiles, look for floral prints, chintz wallpaper designs, crochet and embroidery and other intricate hand-crafted looks.”

Woman spraying Encore flooring cleaner on COREtec vinyl flooring

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Ferndown Oak

Hartley Pecan

Southmere Oak

Wilson Pecan

2. Restorative and Sanctuary Spaces

Q. This trend just sounds calming. Tell us more!

A. “Building upon the need for personal security and comfort within the home, people are embracing the restorative and healing properties of natural materials in their spaces. Searching for a space that supports wellness and vitality, many are looking to create a personal spa-like sanctuary within their home. With the push to more sustainable products in the marketplace, the rise of natural stone, clay, terra cotta and limestone continue to gain relevance.” 

Q. How should someone go about creating a sanctuary space in their home?

A. The textural qualities of the materials play just as important of a role as the visuals and colors do in creating sanctuary. Look for a renewed focus on the physical tactility of items throughout the home. Color trends emphasize light, neutral and airy colorways that support cleaner and more sophisticated spaces. 

For flooring, aim for quiet, subtle and textural patterns or dramatic and polished looks.” 

Woman spraying Encore flooring cleaner on COREtec vinyl flooring

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Bianco Marble

Ferro Sandstone

Sonia Marble

Stella Marble

3. Comfort and Serenity in the Home

Q. This last trend is similar but puts a bit more emphasis on comfort over restoration. How so?

A. The demand for natural looks and authentic colors continues to be popular across interior designHomeowners desire to know more about what is in the products they purchase, which is shifting focus towards more sustainable design. This trend is highlighted by low-finish or no-finish wood and soft, soothing colors. The two combine to create quiet, comforting spaces.

Q. And how can a person put this trend into practice?

A. “Colors support the natural environment that consumers wish to surround themselves with in their home. Use the browns, greys, and light shades of wood found in nature. Look for materials such as raw, undyed natural fibers, wood, stone and other natural elements intermixed with eco-friendly alternative materials. The neutral, subdued colors and shades are the perfect accompaniment to indoor plants and other forms of natural texture and materials in the home.”

Woman spraying Encore flooring cleaner on COREtec vinyl flooring

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Cerith Oak

Meditative Oak

Sea Salt Oak

Tranquil Oak