3 Reasons Vinyl Flooring is a Great Alternative to Laminate
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When you are looking for beautiful, durable and comfortable flooring, two of the most economical options are laminate and luxury vinyl. Both are easy to install, easy to clean and highly attractive. Because of these similarities, many people believe that the only difference between laminate and vinyl flooring is the name. However, the reality is there are several crucial differences between laminate and luxury vinyl flooring.

1. LVP Flooring is Waterproof. Laminate is Only Water Resistant.

The core of laminate flooring consists of wood byproducts (e.g., fiberboard). During manufacturing, the resin bonds these wood byproducts together. Although laminate can have a hard, water-resistant finish, the fiberboard core still becomes vulnerable to water if the floor receives any damage such as scratches or if liquids seep through the floor planks. Exposure to water or unseen messes causes fiberboard to soften and swell. Once these changes occur, the fiberboard is unable to retract, even after it dries out. This means the fiberboard cannot return to its original dimensions. Furthermore, after sustaining water damage, the layers of the laminate flooring may begin peeling away. Since water-damaged laminate flooring cannot be repaired, these entire sections of flooring must be replaced.

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COREtec luxury vinyl flooring planks also consist of several layers of materials. However, the materials we use during the creation of our LVP flooring are 100% waterproof. Our luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for every space, but it is especially beneficial for the high-moisture areas in your home (e.g., kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms). COREtec Scratchless styles also offer homeowners a PVC-free waterproof flooring option.

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2. COREtec LVP Flooring is Quieter and More Comfortable Than Laminate.

Our LVP flooring options have a thick, built-in vinyl flooring underlayment made of cork. This cork underlayment helps your floors remain warm all year long, which ensures your family - including your furry family members - is comfortable as they walk around, lie down and sit on the floors throughout your home. In addition, our signature cork underlayment has excellent soundproofing qualities that help reduce echoes and the sounds associated with walking, which can be especially helpful in multi-story homes.

Many homeowners have shared they hear a “hollow footstep” sound when they walk across laminate floors, detracting from their overall experience.

COREtec also offers an even quieter and warmer underlayment called Soft Step. This pre-attached underlayment, which is made from recycled materials, rates 46% warmer and 70% quieter than other LVP options!

3. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Looks Better for Longer

The materials we use to construct our luxury vinyl plank flooring makes it more resilient than the laminate flooring options available.

All our LVP flooring options are waterproof, kidproof and petproof. This makes it clear to see why our luxury vinyl plank flooring options are superior to laminate for families with children and pets.

If you want even more protection, consider our COREtec Scratchless styles, which offer a 30-year residential scratch warranty for additional peace of mind in your home.

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