Refresh Your Home: Floor To Ceiling Spring Cleaning Tips

Once spring arrives, we know it’s time to grab our cleaning supplies and get to work. This is the time of year when we tackle some of the jobs we have disregarded since our last spring cleaning endeavor.

Floor-To-Ceiling Spring Cleaning Techniques and Helpful Tips

It's is time to clean your home from top to bottom, from the allergens and dust that have accumulated on the blades of your ceiling fans to your luxury vinyl flooring. (If you’re lucky, you have this easy-to-clean, durable flooring in your home. If not, it might be a bit trickier but you still got this!) Use these spring cleaning tips and techniques to refresh your home and keep it that way for longer.

Remove the Dust From Your Ceiling Fans

Chances are, dust has built up since your deep clean last year. As the blades circulate, this dust is dispersed throughout the room. These dust particles land on everything, contaminating your furniture, walls and LVP flooring. You can interrupt this cycle by using a microfiber cloth attached to an extender to remove the dust from the blades. That way, once the warmer days of summer arrive, you can turn on your fans without helping the dust bunnies multiply!

Reduce Dust Buildup By Controlling Humidity Levels

When humidity levels in the home are low, static electricity increases. Static attracts dust and also helps it stick. Once stuck, the dust particles are more difficult to remove.

High humidity in your home is also a problem because it creates the perfect environment for dust mites to develop.

To reduce dust mite development and decrease static electricity, keep your home’s humidity level between 40% and 50%.

Clean Your Walls: a Great Way for Kids to Help!

First, you must remove the cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling and the accumulated dust on your walls. Just use a soft-bristle broom or a microfiber dusting cloth with an extender to do this. The next step is washing the walls. However, if the paint on your walls is flat, do not use any type of liquid on it. Once the walls with flat paint have been dusted, you are done.

Once you have finished dusting your walls, you can make your soap solution. All you need is warm water with a few drops of gentle dish soap mixed in. Use a damp sponge to clean the wall. Be gentle so you don’t remove any of the paint or wallpaper.

Why Should I Clean My Walls?

Whenever you open your windows and doors, what is outside comes in. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of pollen or other allergens, these enter your home and stick to your walls. Pollen can stick to anything; no water is required. That said, once you finish cleaning your walls, consider vacuuming your furniture, carpet and curtains to remove the accumulated pollen from them.

Deep Clean Your Flooring

If you’re lucky, you have durable and easy-to-maintain flooring, like COREtec luxury vinyl planks and tiles. If you have carpet, a hot water extraction is recommended every 18 months. If you have tile, you likely already know the woes of grout cleaning (sending thoughts and prayers!). And if you have hardwood or some other non-waterproof hard surface like laminate, be sure to follow the specific cleaning instructions for your floor (and consider low-maintenance, waterproof LVP as your next upgrade). Two simple steps are all it takes to clean luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring.

Use an untreated dust mop or soft-bristle broom to remove the dust, dirt and debris from your floor. Consider using an angled soft-bristle broom. The angled broom is ideal for getting into the corners of your room.

Once you remove all the dirt, dust and debris, use a damp microfiber or soft cloth mop to finish cleaning your luxury vinyl plank flooring.

To keep your LVP flooring looking new, ensure your cleaner is a pH-neutral hard surface floor cleaner. We recommend that you use our specially formulated floor cleaner, Encore. This floor cleaner is specifically designed to clean and maintain COREtec flooring.

It is important to note that you should always check the care and maintenance guidelines that relate to your specific luxury vinyl plank flooring.

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How To Keep Your LVP Floors Cleaner, Longer

Even though one feature of our luxury vinyl flooring collections is easy maintenance, reducing the amount of dirt on your floors is always beneficial. Since nearly 80% of the dirt in your home is tracked in from outside, consider placing a rug in front of your exterior doors. To prevent staining, ensure the rug you choose has no rubber or latex backing. Over time, these materials can stain your LVP flooring. You may also want to consider placing a bristly doormat outside the door.

Create a spring cleaning checklist that includes these cleaning techniques and tips to refresh your home and keep it that way longer. At COREtec, we are always happy to be of service. If you are considering LVP flooring or want to know more about our easy-to-care-for, durable and comfortable waterproof flooring, please contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation design services appointment.