6 Tips to Clean Your Home from Head to Toe

It’s that time of year – flowers are blooming, birds are singing and perhaps you’re even giddy to fire up that mower for the first time since October. Just do everyone a favor and start after 7am this year.

We're sure the allure of red tomatoes and the aroma of freshly planted herbs in your garden are calling your name, but before you take your talents outside, roll up your sleeves for some interior spring cleaning and make sure your checklist includes these head-to-toe tips that go beyond your typical weekly cleaning routine.

Start at the Top

1. Dusting

Some people (we call them overachievers) dust their ceilings, fans and light fixtures every week. However, we can’t all be Superman. If it’s been a while since these spots have felt the nice touch of a feather, make sure to give them a little love. Remember your window casings too!

2. Change Lighting and Fixtures

The night is dark and full of terrors. But your home doesn’t have to be. Although the days are getting longer and you’ve probably got some sunshine seeping through your windows, spring is the perfect time to rethink your entire space. And it’s incredible just how much a different fixture or mood lighting can transform a room. If you go this route, try your best to match your fixture to other hardware in the room, and when choosing lighting, always consider room size, design elements you’re wanting to highlight and common activities in the space.

Pro Tip: While you’re up there, go ahead and inspect your fire alarms. According to experts, you should be checking these every month (and replacing AC filters every three months). If you’re actually doing that, huge kudos. If you’re not (zero judgement here), now’s the perfect time.

Get Horizontal

3. Freshen Up Your Curtains, Walls and Windows

Nature is in the midst of turning lush and vibrant. Wouldn’t it be a shame if your dirty curtains or smudged windows caught your eye instead of your beautiful azaleas? 

So, if they’re washable, throw your curtains in the machine. Otherwise, it’s time to take a trip to the dry cleaners. 

For your windows, you’ll want to start by getting that feather duster out again. If you skip this step, you’re liable to create a muddy mess with your cleaner. Make sure to dust everything, including the window screen. If the screen is too messy for your duster to handle, pop it off, and wash it with some warm, soapy water. 

Pro Tip: Don’t clean your windows on an extra-sunny day. Instead, wait for some overcast, which will ensure your cleaner won’t dry out as you’re cleaning. 

Your exact wall-cleaning routine will depend on the type of paint you have. Generally, you can remove smudges using a damp microfiber cloth or mop. Just make sure they’re clean before using.

4. Cabinets

Throughout the year, your cabinets can build up quite a bit of fingerprints and grime. Once again, a damp microfiber cloth containing a mixture of soap and water (or your favorite home remedy) will be your liberator. Make sure to clean out your drawers and organize the inside too. After all, this is supposed to be a deep clean. 😉

Time to Get Down

childs room with bed, doll, ball and sports bottle pilled on COREtec flooring

5. For More Finicky Flooring Types

Let’s face it – some types of flooring are just harder to maintain. We’re looking at you hardwood and tile.

If you’ve got hardwood floors, now’s the time to consider a refinish or some waxing. Of course, you’ll want to dust and clean first. Take it easy when you mop hardwood (or laminate) floors. They aren’t waterproof, so too much water can do more harm than good.

Tile, while beautiful, is notorious for being difficult to clean. (We all have our shortcomings.) To clean your grout, spray it with an approved grout cleaner, and after you’ve let it sit for a few moments, get to brushing. Make sure not to work out triceps the day before because you’re about to put those babies to use. If things are really bad, you might need to reseal your grout altogether.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for tile floors that are easy to clean, consider COREtec Tile. These styles don’t have grout, which makes cleanup a cinch.

For carpet, you’ll want to go above your typical vacuuming. A hot water extraction is recommended every 12-18 months.

6. Easy-to-Clean Flooring 

If you have luxury vinyl (aka LVP or LVT floors), you’re in luck – there’s no special deep cleaning, waxing or resealing. Just follow these two simple steps throughout the year, and your floors will look beautiful for life:

Step 1: Dust away loose particles using a broom or vacuum without rotating beater bars.

Step 2: Spray the floors using a pH neutral cleaner (like COREtec Encore) and mop clean. Since these floors are 100% waterproof, it’s fine if the mop is wet. Just stay away from steam mops unless it’s listed as acceptable in your specific floor’s cleaning guidelines. And that’s it – no need to rinse or repeat. Just shiny, squeaky-clean floors.

Pro Tip: Home remedies are great for lots of things but not for cleaning LVP floors. To maintain a beautiful finish, avoid cleaning with highly acidic items like vinegar or citrus and don’t use floor polish or “shine” products that can leave a haze or residue.