Frequently asked questions

There’s more to your COREtec® floor than meets the eye. From buying to installing and maintaining your floor, we’ve covered the most common questions on COREtec® – and their answers – below.


  • We are proud of our nationwide network of specialty flooring retailers across Europe.

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  • No. We prefer the full service and expert advice available through our network of specialty retailers.

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  • The number of m2 per box varies for each COREtec® product. Once you have chosen a product, you can easily calculate how many boxes you will need. 


  • Yes. Our rigid planks and tiles allow for floating installation over many existing floors. Plus, the angle-tap installation is suitable for the average DIY installer.

    Check out our installation instructions.

  • Of course not. Your local COREtec® retailer will be happy to provide professional installation services. Thanks to our floating, angle-tap installation, installation costs are lower than many other types of flooring.

  • You’ll need a rubber hammer, guillotine, tapping block and pull bar. We highly recommend using 6 mm adjustable spacers and a circular saw with a blade for wood (Sound Core® & Pro Core®) or diamond coated blade (Mineral Core®). Other basic supplies you should have on hand are a pencil, universal knife and tape measure. 

    Check out our installation manual for detailed instructions and considerations.

  • Our 100% waterproof planks and tiles can be installed in any room of your home, from the basement to the attic. COREtec® is an interior product and must be stored/installed in a temperature-controlled indoor environment (15-29 °C).

  • Yes. Check out our installation manual for detailed instructions and considerations.

  • Yes. Although COREtec® is a very dimensionally stable product, it can shrink and expand slightly with temperature fluctuations. The same applies to your home’s walls or any adjacent flooring. It is therefore necessary to leave 6 mm of space next to walls and adjacent floors to accommodate the shrinkage and expansion experienced by the building materials in your home.

  • No. Well, technically you could. But you could also cover your patio with suede. Installing COREtec® outdoors will void any product warranty.

    Read more about our warranties.


  • First sweep, dust mop or vacuum your floor to remove loose dirt and grit. Then damp mop lightly with a well-wrung mop. Always use plywood or heavy cardboard when moving furniture or other heavy objects across the floor.

    Ask your retailer about COREtec® Cleaning Products.

  • Simply wipe or dry mop the floor to get rid of dirt, dust and grit. Avoid treated dust mops, as they may leave a residue that can make your floor dull over time.

    For a more thorough cleaning, use a pH-neutral cleaner – not a cleaner with a polish or detergent in it. We recommend using our freshly scented, quick-drying, highly concentrated COREtec® Daily Cleaner. The latter removes dirt as you mop and leaves no residue, retaining the original appearance of your floor.

    For a periodic deep cleaning, we recommend using our COREtec® Deep Cleaner. Always vacuum or dust mop before any form of wet cleaning.

    In general, avoid:

    •    vacuums with rotary beater bars,

    •    steam mops, 

    •    mop and shine products.

    Ask your retailer about COREtec® Cleaning Products.

  • As with any flooring surface, you’ll want to absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting with paper or cloth towels. If necessary, rinse with water and blot dry. To remove dried spots, agitate gently, rinse with water and blot dry.

    For stubborn stains, we have developed our COREtec® Stain Remover. This is a specially combined glue, stain and soil remover for removing e.g. ink, shoe polish, felt pen, ballpoint, cosmetics, grease, oil, dispersion paint, lacquer and water-resistant adhesive residues on all COREtec® floors. Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners as these products can leave a dull residue.

    Ask your retailer about COREtec® Cleaning Products.

  • The single greatest cause of damage to any flooring or floor finish is abrasion from dirt and grit. Use walk-off mats at entrances and doorways whenever possible. If laid directly on your COREtec® floor, choose mats without latex or rubber backing to avoid possible discolouration.

    Apply non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables. Use appropriate window coverings, as direct sunlight can cause the colour of your floor to fade over time.

    Last but not least, clean your floor with our COREtec® Daily Cleaner. Specially developed for daily cleaning, it’s a freshly scented, quick-drying, highly concentrated cleaner.

    Ask your retailer about COREtec® Cleaning Products.


  • Yes. We offer a 10-year warranty for commercial flooring and a lifetime warranty for residential flooring.

    Read more about our warranties.